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Commissioned Work

Because no two pieces of artwork are ever the same, new work can be ordered by reference to the number of the piece displayed on the web site. The first letters, “CE”, indicate that this is “Cloisonne Enamel”; the next number indicates the chronological order in which the piece was made, and the last two numbers indicates the year. For example: CE1408 = the 14th piece of cloisonne enamel made in 2008. Jewelry and pectoral crosses made with silver and wood can be ordered by describing the piece on view on the web site.

Paintings and sculpture may or may not be available, depending if they are in my current inventory. Some work may be closely adapted but never duplicated exactly. Simply inquire via e-mail to Joel Nickel.

Prices for cloisonne enamel pectoral crosses and pendants range from $75 to $350, depending on size, design, materials and display arrangement. Price quotes happily given.

When ordering, a down payment of 50% is normally required to begin the creative process, the balance due upon receipt of the piece.

All work is returnable within 30 days of reception at 100% reimbursement.

Special commissions for churches and individuals can be initiated through the web site or on line. Visits to my studio are welcome.


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Two commissioned wall crosses


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Some examples of commissioned work

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